Today I Felt Like a CEO.

Documenting my journey as an Entrepreneur, while providing insight along the way.

Chad — We’re focused on helping people spark conversations with each other through our location based chatrooms.

I’ve been working on Chad for almost a year now, the journey as been up and down but I’ve loved EVERY second of it.

Believe in your what you’re doing or nobody else will.

I think the biggest fear Entrepreneurs have is that they’re scared to spend all of their money/savings just to possibly fail. Reminiscing on how much money I’ve already spent sucks, but you can’t think like that you need to keep moving forward. One of the biggest quotes I live by is:

Scared money makes no money.

This summer I received an interesting email from a TV show called RVN.TV. They have a series called CEO Chat where they interview CEO’s and ask them questions about their business/how their company plans on disrupting their current market.

I was really excited to even be considered for this opportunity, we settled on a soft date in September which ended up having to get rescheduled to October 12th.

I was pumped that a TV show was interested in what I was doing with Chad and I put ZERO effort in reaching out to them… YEP THEY FOUND ME! The best part about the whole situation is that it was FREE press and the more press we have around our product the better.

By the way, Chad is on track to be in the App Store December 12, 2018.

When I was on the show the hosts, Al and Joe really made me feel at home. Anyone who goes on TV for the first time I’m sure has a lot of emotions going through their body(I did), but these guys were really good at making my cofounder and I feel comfortable on set. I can’t thank them enough for putting in the effort to do this.

The show was only 30 minutes long and it started off with Joe and Al asking me some basic questions:

  • What does Chad do exactly?
  • How do you make money?
  • How do you protect users privacy?
  • How do you see people using your app?

The conversation was fluent, I was able to throughly explain the answers to these questions to not only the hosts but the people watching as well. I know for a fact everyone could clearly see the vision I have for Chad.

As Al & Joe learned more about the app I could see their excitement growing, which then made me even more excited.

Once my segment was over they brought one of my cofounders on the set, Sam Gespass. They proceeded to dive deeper into the development/technical side which is what Sam handles on our team.

Some of the questions they asked were:

  • What are you using for the backend?
  • How do you keep the information secure?
  • How do you like working with AJ?

Sam broke down how we’re using Googles Firebase for the backend and joked that if anything goes wrong… it’s Googles fault. We all started laughing. Sam also explained how we met and how much fun it is to work together.

I joked around by saying:

Everything’s great right now, but if the app isn’t out by December 12th then Sam and the team won’t be with me anymore.

For a second I think they thought I was serious, until I told them I was joking and we all started dying laughing.

Our demo day with the Batchery is on December 12th, which is in front of many investors. This is why the pressure is on to hit this release date…

As the show was coming to the end, Al and Joe allowed me tell the audience how they could get in touch with me which I thought this was cool.

Joe and I started talking to me one on one before we went back to the lobby. He showed a lot of interest in Chad and thought it would be a GREAT idea for us to come back on the show in February. I was so excited he invited us back, due to the fact I know we’re going to be light years ahead of where we’re at now and I can’t wait to update him.

I proceeded to tell him,

We will be here.

To all the Entrepreneur’s out there, I want to encourage you to promote what you’re doing on every social media platform, you never know what can happen.

Oh and one more thing, through out the process don’t forget to…

Stay hungry, stay foolish. — Steve Jobs

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I would really appreciate if you could applauded this article, we’re trying our hardest to build awareness around Chad. The more people we have to test it the better we can make it.



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