It’s important to find a design process that works best for YOU.

AJ Picard
4 min readJul 13, 2019

By AJ Picard — founder & self-taught UI/UX designer

Teaching myself how to design was one of the best decisions of my life. What I’ve been trying to do as of late is to discover ways to improve my skills to become a better designer.

One way I’m improving is through the Daily UI challenge which I’ve already written about. I’m three days in and it’s already making me channel my inner creativity!

Other than taking part in this challenge I’ve found that creating your own design process is crucial to becoming a better designer. It’s important you find a process that works for you and helps you produce quality designs.

I’m here to share with you my design process and how I design. It’s not the conventional way to do things, but it’s what works for me and I hope I can offer you some insight for when you’re creating your own design process.

1. Determine what I want to create.

This step is easy, what do you want to create? Is it a landing page, sign in/sign up, newsfeed, etc.

2. Explore other examples

Once I know what I’m trying to create I don’t sketch it out in a journal or in design software like most designers. I actually find it to be really frustrating.

Instead, I go to Dribbble and search the keyword of what I’m trying to create. I scroll through the feed to find examples from other designers who have created what I’m trying to create.

This helps me decide where to start with my design, where to add color to my design and where to place content in my design.

3. Steal

Yep, I said it. I steal ideas, designs, colors, you name it I steal it. I have no shame of admitting this do you know why?

“Picasso had a saying — ‘good artists copy; great artists steal



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