Why YouTube FAILS Content Creators.

AJ Picard
4 min readJul 23, 2021

I’ve been creating content on YouTube for a year now and I find it unbelievable that my channel is still not making money from Youtube.

You can view my channel here if you’re interested in checking it out.

For those who don’t know in order to start making money on Youtube you have to hit specific guidelines (see below).

As you can see I have 1,600 subscriber, but I haven’t been able to hit the Total Public Watched Hours milestone and because of this I’m not eligible to make money off of ads.

For the record, I’m not saying I deserve to be getting paid a lot of money. I know my content isn’t the best out there, but for the most part the content I do create is solid enough to where I should be making at least a couple of dollars.

So I decided to focus on creating a platform that helped solved this issue for other Creators.

Introducing Clava

What frustrated me the most was that I’ve put in countless hours into creating content. When I finally hit the Public Watch Hours milestone I’ll still only be making pennies, forcing me to put even more and more hours into creating content.

So I decided to build my own platform that allows Creators to start making money a lot sooner than many other platforms, the product is called Clava.

In Clava you can start making money per minute off of each viewer in your Live, which means the second ONE user starts watching your Live you start making money.

How To Go Live.

Clava is very simple, if you want to start getting paid for going Live, sign up as a Creator. Once you’ve signed up, tap the + symbol at the bottom of your screen, this will take you our Create Live Page. Add a Title + Description, then tap the Create Button .

You’re now LIVE!

Once your Live Clava send a notification to all our users to drive even more people into your Live! After you end your Live we will send you an email containing how much you earned.



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