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  • Amit Das

    Amit Das

    VP, Design & Research at Urban Company • Ex Crux Intelligence,,,, and a bunch more…



    Just a creative crack head who delivers creative & industrious art forms. I blend aesthetics with storytelling optimization to share the message. byee

  • Vasil Nedelchev

    Vasil Nedelchev

    Product Designer. Writing about creating a one-person design business.

  • Raffaele Vitale 🌋

    Raffaele Vitale 🌋

    Sr Product Designer, Design System @DataCamp. Design Director Previously @zalando @apple & more. Notion Italia Lead. Exploring AR

  • Hans van de Bruggen

    Hans van de Bruggen

    On sabbatical; writing a book (

  • The Sandbox

    The Sandbox

    A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Made By Players ( —

  • Syed Hemu Rahman

    Syed Hemu Rahman

    Designer, founder @Brainfood, coffee nerd, and tiny van dweller

  • Jishnu Hari

    Jishnu Hari

    Product designer. Uncontrollably curious about the humankind and mind.

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