Figma vs Framer, who would have thought?

AJ Picard
4 min readNov 8, 2023

No Code has been a trend for almost 10 years now, if you never heard of No Code before, you’re reading the right post.

No Code products allows you to design & build websites or apps with No Code.

Some examples of these types of products are:

These are just a few that I’ve used, but there are a ton more that you can check out. I’ve personally been using No Code products since 2019 and I have to admit it’s given me the freedom to build my own products and make more money.

In 2017, I started teaching myself how to design websites + apps with the goal of designing my own product ideas I had.

As I shared my designs on social media I started to getting inquiries for me to design other peoples website / app ideas. The only issue was when I completed the design I had to hand it off to a developer to build.

Not knowing how to code was restricting me from making even more money than I already am.



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