Dear Medium, please read.

AJ Picard
5 min readJul 10, 2019

By Aj Picard — founder and self-taught UI/UX designer

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

From the beginning, I’ve ALWAYS thought Medium provided a great design/product. Don’t get me wrong, Medium is still one of the best looking websites/apps I’ve ever seen.

Just like every product, it isn’t perfect.

Unsplash Bug

I’ve come across a bug whenever I go to access Unsplash. After I type a word in the search line and then go to highlight it with my mouse to quickly delete it and search another word the app closes out.

As you can imagine this gets really annoying.

Accessing Drafts

Constantly being on Medium has helped me discover other kinks in their armor, some small and some big. To start I want to talk about accessing your drafts on the web.

When I go to create a new story, why can’t I access my drafts? I mean come on, you even have a “Draft” title in the top left. Clearly, I know that the story I’m creating is a draft so why not convert that pointless title into a button that will allow me to access my drafts.

Instead, I have to go to “Stories” in the options to access my drafts. Why hasn’t Medium made it accessible on both pages?

When I’m creating a new story on Mobile the draft button is right there.


The comments section has always felt hidden to me. I remember in the early days having to really search to find out how to comment on an article.

AJ Picard

UI/UX Designer who loves designing and building products. Currently scaling ZoZo App.