Apples iOS keyboard is outdated and all it needs is keyboard shortcuts.

AJ Picard
4 min readNov 13, 2023

As many of you know I’ve passionate about reinventing the Keyboard on iPhones & iPads. Unfortunately, out of all the software Apple has created this is still the only element that hasn’t changed. The Keyboard works the exact same as the first iPhone ever release, besides the Keyboard (world Icon) & Siri buttons at the bottom left & right of your keyboard.

Original iPhone Keyboard

The first iPhone came out in 2008, it’s now 2023. That’s 15 years of zero innovation. Of course they’ve added little apps that can get attached to your keyboard but none of them really help you be more productive or organized (See below).

I would say the biggest upgrade the keyboard has received in the past 15 years is that ability to easily share emojis.

The iOS operating system has evolved a ton since it was first released, but for the most part that innovation has been around improving the UI, experience, locking down on user privacy, AirDrop, SharePlay, etc.

What’s confusing to me is Apple has all this data on how people work and use their phones. The data says people are working on the move and are more on their phones than ever before. You have content creators traveling around making content, business people are on the move sending emails, etc.

So why isn’t Apple focused on enhancing the iOS Keyboard?

Last time I checked there wasn’t a time you opened your phone and didn’t use your keyboard. Not to mention, they spend millions of dollars each year on User research, so that they can continue to cater their software to your needs.

So what gives, do they not realize the keyboard plays a crucial role in our day to day?

Imagine a keyboard that allows you to type but also store content like photos, links, files and text phrases on your keyboard… but wait there’s more. Anything stored on your Keyboard is available to share whenever you need it just by tapping the content you want to share. Oh yeah, forgot one more thing, this keyboard would allow you to use ChatGPT / GPT4 as well.

Do yourself a favor and go…



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